Study of the month

Luke 17:32

1. Remember That She Was Lot’s Wife

A. For all his faults, he was a righteous man.

1. She was united to him in the closest possible way.
2. She had shared his journeys, adventures and trials.
3. She had shared her husband’s privileges.
4. She had shared in-and might have learned from her husband’s errors
5. She had likely contributed heavily to her husband’s downfall.

B Thus she was a woman who was not without spiritual background.

II. Remember That She Had Gone Some Distance Toward Salvation

A. She believed the message that had come about the doom of the
B. She had actually left the city.
C. She is typical of many who go a long way toward Christ and still perish.

III. Remember That She Did Actually Perish Through Sin

A. She lingered behind.
B. She disbelieved what she had been told.
C. She dared to look – an act of deliberate rebellion.
D. She showed the power of the pull of the world.

IV. Remember That Her Doom Was Terrible

A. Her doom befell her at the very gates of the city.
B. Her doom came upon her very suddenly.
C. Her doom came upon her when she was in the very act of sin.

Lot’s wife became a tragic example of the pull of the world and the danger of yielding to that pull. She had a horrible fate because she was drawn two ways.

Adapted from Sermon Outlines on Women of the Bible by C. R. Wood.