Bishop Olu Itiola

Deliverance Ministry
Deliverance Ministry
Bishop Itiloa's sermons are an informative and spiritually uplifting experience

Things Present

Open Doors   The Common Evil   Praying Into The Kingdom

The Danger Of Being At The Back Of The Spiritual Line

Wake Up Call For Spiritual Excercise   Healing From Inner Vows

I Am Not The One They Are Looking For

By Him, Actions Are Weighed   Night Raiders

How To Get Wisdom   Wisdom In Warfare   God Is In Control

Unseen Influences Pt1   Unseen Influences Pt2

How To Handle Delay

The Tongue - A World Of Iniquity   The Battle For Your Peace   Enternal Security

Women's Day Message   When God Plays Along   Renewing Our Roots

Becoming A Point Of Reference
Part 1   Part 2

Elevating Our Children Before God
Part 1   Part 2

Destroyed By Peace
Part 1   Part 2

Overcoming The Enemy Of Your Star
Part 1a   Part 1b   Part 2a   Part 2b   Part 3a   Part 3b

Bought With A Price

It's Not Because Of You, It's Becaue of Jesus

When God Visits   Yet Trouble Came

Uncovering Wicked and Unreasonable Men

A Year Of Unlimited Spiritual Growth
Part 1   Part 2

After This - JOB 42:16-17   Hatred For Christ

12.28.2012 Night Vigil
Part 1   Part 2

Finishing Strong   The Ability To Say No

The Sin Of Prayerlessness
Part 1   Part 2

Incurable Disease
Part 1   Part 2

Keeping God's Mercy
Part 1   Part 2

Beware Of Men

Let's Make A Deal   Wrong Is Always Wrong   Avoidable Storms

Overcoming Household Wickedness
Part 1   Part 2

Prayers For Colleagebound Students

Wickedness Of The Night
Part 1   Part 2

Good Health   The Evil Vail   Fighting For Your Family

Grace To Overcome Slackers
Part 1   Part 2

The Mission To Steal The Fear Of God's Word

The Power Of Liquid Tears   Occupational Hazard

Are You Drifting   He Came To Himsef   And Rebekah Heard

Anointing Services   Highly Favored   It Is Not Good

Open Thou Mine Eyes   Men Of War Unfit For Battle

Character Counts   Alexander The Coppersmith   The Mercy Of God

Anointing To Prosper
Part 1
   Part 2

Operation Thunderstorm
Reversing The Verdict Of The Lower Court
   War Against Fleshly Lusts
Breaking Evil Dedication & Redecication To God

Christian Atheists   I Escaped Alone

Standing In The Gap For Others
   Escaping Terrorists
Satan's Favorite Food Part A   Satan's Favorite Food Part B  

Exploiting The Devil’s Weakness
   I Shall Not Be Captured   Inner Vows   Knowing God   Good Health   Moving From Partial Victory To Complete Victory
Overcoming The Curse Of Almost There
Quenching The Fiery Darts of The Wicked Pt.1
Quenching The Fiery Darts of The Wicked PT. 2
Return To Sender   The Spirit of Bondage

UnGodly Soul Ties Pt 1

UnGodly Soul Ties Pt 2

Freedom From Ungodly Soul Ties

What We Are Missing   Your Foundations   Be Fruitful And Multiply
Get Thee Behind Me Satan   Live For The Longest Days
Defeating The Giant Called "Procrastination"
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
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Defeating Witchcraft Spirits Part 1   Defeating Witchcraft Spirits Part 2
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Breaking Witchcraft Curses PT1
Breaking Witchcraft Curses PT2A    Breaking Witchcraft Curses PT2B
Needless Fears
Breaking The Curse From Your Finances PT.A
Breaking The Curse From Your Finances PT.B
God Will Get The Glory Out Of This..
Freedom At The Gate PT1    Freedom At The Gate PT2
The Covenant Of Prayer
Twelve Lessons From Haiti's Earthquake
Open Doors
Why Love Fades (A)    Why Love Fades (B)
Weapon of Fire

Seven Ways Satan Uses to Take Advantage of Us
Seven Ways (A)    Saven Ways (B)
Permission Slips..
Spirit That Conquers WitchCraft, PT1    Spirit That Conquers WitchCraft, PT2
Another Law In Me, PT1    Another Law In Me, PT2
Christians Seek Ye Not Repose, PT1    Christians Seek Ye Not Repose, PT2

Two Necessary Factors for Spiritual Victory
Part 1    Part 2

Going After Other Gods

The Giant Under The Jupiter Tree

Ways That Satan Takes Away Our Blessings

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