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Fresh Anointing International Fellowship of Churches (FAIFC)
is a Bi-Divisional fellowship founded upon relationship. It is governed through the apostolic oversight of Bishop Olu Itiola and the parenting Churches of Fresh Anointing International Church. FAIFC is a forum for like-minded ministers to relate and develop meaningful relationships.


Fresh Anointing International Fellowship of Churches
is an apostolic organization that seeks to encourage, equip, support, oversee, strengthen and provide a covering for affiliated churches and ministers so that together we may more effectively fulfill the great commission.


Fresh Anointing International Fellowship of Churches
exists to encourage, equip, support, oversee and strengthen churches and ministers so that they may equip the saints in their congregations, transform their communities, and touch the world with the radically transforming good news of Jesus Christ.


There are two levels of affiliation for churches or individuals that desire participation in the fellowship of Churches


Churches or individuals who are ordained through FAIFC and look to the fellowship as their primary source of equipping, oversight and accountability.


Churches and/or ministers who desire affiliation with FAIFC in order to partake of fellowship and personal ministry but they are primarily accountable to another ministry.


Some of the benefits of joining FAIFC may include:

Tape of the Month Subscription
Discount prices on tapes, books, videos, music CD's and periodicals distributed through the ministry
Monthly Update letters
FAIFC Membership Card
Visitation by FAIFC team member when practicable
Counsel when needed
Discounts or free passes to conferences
Access to apostolic/ prophetic team ministry through FAIFC
Personal Ministry sessions during conferences and events
Encouragement, support and nurturing through prayer, relationships and structured events
Implementation strategies and support for the planting and development of local churches
Discounted tuition for enrollment into Fresh Anointing International School of Ministry Courses
Short-term mission opportunities for associate churches


Applicants should:

Submit a completed application
Submit a personal photo
Provide at least three letter's of reference from individuals you feel know you best.
To request an application form and/or information booklet, contact:
  Fresh Anointing
International Fellowship of Churches
182-69 Wexford Terrace
Jamaica Estates, Queens, NY 11432
Phone: 718-298-6034
E-mail: :